Rebate Scheme Proves Inefficient


(Statehouse) Nov. 5, 2007- The Department of Local Government Finance has released information about how much money Hoosiers are likely to receive in the latest episode of the ill-advised House Democrats’ property tax rebate scheme.

The rebates should arrive in the spring.

All 49 House Republicans fought the idea during the last session, pointing out that the scheme was bad public policy and provided neither comprehensive nor permanent property tax relief.

Nothing has changed.

“The ill-conceived program, to give back your hard earned dollars in the form of a tax rebate is a joke,” said Rep. Phil Hinkle (R-Indianapolis). “Not only does it require you to wait a year to get your money back, the cost of implementing the program is going to run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Those are your tax dollars spent to process a check back to you with money that the government never should have collected.”

Under the scheme, Hoosier property owners paid their exorbitant tax bills and will wait for almost a year to receive a rebate in the mail. The process of calculating, producing and mailing the rebate checks is estimated to cost counties millions of dollars in expenses, all of which will come out of taxpayers’ pockets in future property tax.

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